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Alaskan Nets: A Real Story For A Time Such As This.

Alaskan Net: As Real As It Gets

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I’ve known Ryan Welch for many years.

I know his dad Bob, former writer for the Register Guard Newspaper in Eugene Oregon.

I know his mom Sally

I know people he went to Linfield College with.

I also know he produces documentary movies.

But I did not know the depth to which this young man would and could tell a story.

He’s one of the producers of a two hour documentary on Netflix called Alaskan Net.

I had Ryan on my show right before it was released but could never find it online to watch, until last week.

It is the story of a small village in Alaska and how basketball connects the people.

But honestly Alaskan Net is so much more than that.

My wife and I laughed and cried a lot.

We felt, Ryan made us feel connected to these people and their struggle.

We started the movie late but couldn’t turn it off.

There are so many horrible movies released from Hollywood and others.

So many stories allegedly “based on true stories” but the word they never tell you is “slightly true.”

Alaskan Net is a true story.

It’s real time.

The script changes because life change.

You feel as though you are going through the joy and pain and sorrow with them because you are.

Ryan and his team shot this as it happened and the storyline ebbs and flows as they shot it….just like real life.

It’s been a while since a movie has filtered its way through my eyes, settled a little in my brain and then shot straight to my heart like a well shot arrow.

It goes without saying I highly recommend this movie for your whole family.

Ryan, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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1 Comment

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Oct 11, 2023

How do we find this movie so we can watch it?

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