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It Just Never Goes Away.

Kathy and I went to Eugene Eyewear to pick out new frames for our glasses on Saturday and had the most touching experience. The staff was very helpful and we ordered what we needed but this is not a story about service but instead moments in time that touch lives. One of the women helping…
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Bad Bread and Bad Meat Can’t Spoil a Night

One thing Kathy and I have learned after 32 years of marriage is that nothing is perfect and the best of plans get blown it’s all what you do with it. We step out of the car, grab our stuff and head for our picnic on the McKenzie River last night when this sick feeling…
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The Remote Is My Weapon of Choice

What Do You Think? I heard Jon Michaels, a DJ on KKNU yesterday say the funniest thing. Someone called up and asked why he wasn’t talking about the big “Break-Up” between Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton and Jon said: “It’s none of my business.” Amen Jon I have to agree with you. We say we…
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Here’s What God Hates

There is plenty of talk in the media these days about the rights and wrongs of our culture. Opinions are rampant over what God hates and why. But rather than depending on opinions from the right or the left why not dig our fingers through the old testament and find out for ourselves. There are…
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Young Professionals Get It: Time For Us To Move Over

Perhaps it’s time for us to step aside and allow youth to rule?

Sitting at a bar packed with people, that thought occurred to me as people my age talked of why we couldn’t do something and people of the millennial generation said: “Why not?”

The meeting was over tax exemptions for developers who create housing in Downtown Eugene. The city council is talking about big changes to the program that could make it useless. (My opinion)

The meeting was not a city function or held in a city building, that’s how my generation looks at government. The meeting was sponsored by a bunch of concerned citizens who did all the work. They held the gathering at The Barn Light coffee shop and bar.

For the older generation politics is the big problem, that and fear. Capstone student housing is a somewhat failed project that sticks in the craw of some and since Capstone used the tax exemption program (MUPTE) and a segment of the community just can’t seem to get over it. They are so afraid it’s gonna happen again they are stifled and gather the sheep back inside the fence where everyone is safe, or so it seems.

Student housing would not be part of the new program it seems city leaders have learned a tough lesson. But why do we plan around yesterday’s failures rather than plan for a prosperous future?

I didn’t come up with that line someone much younger than I said it and it rung true for me. Eugene seems to spend a lot of time planning out of fear of change or making a mistake. We’ve seen what bad decisions in the past have led to and rather than simply learning from those mistakes and moving forward our mistakes seem to paralyze us.

It is so nice to see a group of young professionals pushing the ranks of Eugene. Young people who are not afraid of change or thoughtful planning but do fear the kind of insanity that says if we keep doing the same thing over and over again something will change.

Change can’t grow out of fear. Fear is a crippler and sometimes I think the older generation, yes us, tend to plan for the worst and become our own enemies.

Eugene is changing and I think it’s changing for the better. Youth is stepping up and pushing just a little. I hope we as the older generation will act as true sages and offer guidance as we step aside and allow the twenty and thirty-something’s to take their rightful place at the helm.

I hope our old, tired ways will not discourage them. I hope they will show up at city meetings, join planning commissions, run for public office and do it their way not ours.

I know it won’t be easy for those who have held the power for so long. Leading from behind never is very attractive. But if Eugene wants to grow thoughtfully and with great energy it’s time the old dogs and the same old media message move aside for a new more hopeful group of people.

On June 15th at 7:30 pm the Eugene City Council will talk about changes to MUPTE. You don’t have to come and speak but to show up and simply be there says a lot to the city council. If you like the changes happening in Downtown and want to see them continue don’t sit on your hands and hope someone else does something, get off your butt and get involved.

I Almost Allowed You To Ruin My Day


IMG_0787I turn on my computer and there it is, hate, irritation and some of my friends on Facebook trying to control and shut down conversation.

There are very few things that can wreck my day but when people stop listening and start telling people what we have to think, that’s a huge trigger for me.

The topic is Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.

My opinion on his choice is no one’s business. In fact, I think its really his/her business and what the rest of us think really doesn’t matter at all.

But if you are going to talk about it you can’t stop people on the opposite side of the issue from giving an opinion.

But what gouged my irritation center was people on both sides of the so-called-debate telling the other basically if you don’t agree with me keep your opinions to yourself or you are in danger of losing my friendship.


On down my home page I see someone telling me what I have to think about racism and sexism.


I like these people. I think they are smart and I normally love to read what they write. What I don’t like is when minds close and lips are sealed shut by someone’s opinion.

You can’t tell me what to think, you just can’t. You may not like my opinion but if we are truly going to open our minds, open your mind!

Again, this is not about Bruce/Caitlyn for me this is about conversation or the lack there of.


I’m a bit crabby at ten in the morning as I arrive at our production shoot for the day. We are interviewing students at an alternative school.

As they tell me their difficult life stories I am deeply touched by their openness and willingness to talk. I simply ask a few questions and they have no fear, no holding back, they just speak openly.

Later I find myself in the home of a woman who experiences schizophrenia. She tells me of the out-loud voices she hears and the long struggle she works through each day just to make it through a day.

She tells me how she got here and more importantly how she is finding herself a way out.


As we talk I find myself more in tune with this alleged mentally ill woman than I do with the conversations that had me so ticked off that morning.

I find myself in a deep conversation with people willing to explore other ideas and opinions that may not fit their own.

From their openness and willingness to share I find a connection.

What Happened to Provocative Speech?

As it listen to this and that and ponder the future of this place we live, I can’t help but grow concerned that we are quickly descending a slipper slope. The Constitution of the United States protects provocative speech and yet our culture castrates our ability to say anything that might offend the one sitting…
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Wednesday Night: Sprout Film Festival Opens Hearts and Minds

Friday night we were sitting at Ninkasi Brewing Company, talking with friends from Full Access and Oregon Supported Living Program, when I thought to myself: “Most people don’t have the kinds of friends I have.” I’m a lucky guy. I’m exposed to people with disabilities all the time and understand the world better because of…
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Full Access: She Really gives it Her All   Sprout Film Festival

I want to tell you about a film festival that will change your life. I’m not being over-dramatic, not in the least. For nine years Full Access, an agency that helps people with disabilities in our community realize their dreams, has brought the Sprout Film Festival to the region. The woman responsible for that vision…
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Something Passed Over Me This Week.

I was raised in a “Christian Home” and grew up with a false understanding that the Passover was for other people. REALLY? If that’s true why does God say over and over in the Bible to honor his celebrations? He says nothing about Christmas or Easter, and yet Christian culture openly protects these alleged “Christian…
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